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O T H E R  W R I T I N G

When Life--and Death--Mirrors Fiction

Reflections on my father and the power of writing

Out of Their Minds: 7 Books that Get Inside Your Head

"What follows is a list of books that stay with readers precisely because of their characters’ disordered lives and brains." 

Author Takes: On the Process of Writing Piece of Mind

“I had been pushing my character, and maybe even my sister, into an ‘other’ box, inadvertently dehumanizing her experience, when what I needed to do instead was bring her into my own head more completely and fold our experiences together.”


Do (Jewish) Ghosts Exist?

A guest blog spot on the Prosen People

The Catharsis of Dwelling on Death

A guest blog spot on the Prosen People

How Falling in Love Forced Me to Redefine My Fantasies

"How could I simultaneously love him for transcending his roots and yet somehow fault him for them?"


My Book, The Movie

If they turned my book into a movie...

The Page 69 Test: Piece of Mind

If you started on page 69 of the novel, you might still get the big picture...

Summers in the City (a short story)

"We had lost ourselves in those moments. Never sure of what we were."

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